An Open Letter to EMS “Bros”

Dear Males of EMS:

I would like to remind all of you that the year we are in as of the date this is being written is 2017. A lot has changed in the last 30 years or so. Hell, a lot has changed in the last decade. Maybe you’re one of the guys who decided they wanted to join up and be a paramedic or EMT after watching “Mother, Jugs, and Speed” once too many. There may have been a day when one could be counted as socially hip if they routinely referred to their female partners and coworkers as “sweetie,” “little lady” or other pet names that one might think sound so cute and sweet. Maybe even today you think it’s perfectly alright talk down to the women of EMS and explain the ways of the emergency service world because these ladies couldn’t possibly understand this man world. And when someone calls you out on this crap, you try to say “Oh, I was just kidding!” Well, here’s what I want to say to you:

Shut the fuck up and respect these women.

Were you raised in a barn? Did you somehow not evolve from Neanderthals who used to find a wife by hitting her with a club and dragging her to the cave to have his way with her? I know your mother raised you better than that. I have to wonder, how would she feel to know that her son was such a moron and thought so badly about women that he thinks he has to be the big, bad, man who tells the little lady who wants to play medic how it is?

Or, maybe the problem is the lack of endowment between your legs.

I have had the pleasure of working with women who have run circles around me. I have worked with women who are much more knowledgeable about medicine and patient care than you will ever be. I have seen women get the hardest tubes, the toughest IVs and lift that bariatric patient that you had to call for a second rig for.

And sorry to disappoint you but most women in EMS are not badge bunnies who want to have sex with you (doubtful they would have sex with you anyway).

Treat women with respect. Period. If you can’t do that, get out of EMS because you are a large reason why EMS is looked up as the redheaded stepchild of emergency services and healthcare. You are what makes us look like a bunch of cavemen with the IQ of Forrest Gump.

Would you want your sister or your daughter treated the way you treat your female co-workers? If not, then don’t do it yourself.

Grow up. The station is not your frat house.

With Love,
Medic 51, NRP (Ret.)


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